曙光First Light

Written by Phil Callaway寇菲尔



Over the years, I have a habit of reading the newspaper that morning. Calgary Times is my old friend, seven days a week will be a long time ago at the door waiting for me to meet it. I usually read the newspaper side, while eating my breakfast — particular peanut butter and honey sandwiches and a glass of milk every day so. Because I’m a writer and editor, I often have to remind myself to pay attention to current events and fashion trends. So every morning I have the responsibility to fulfill faithfully spend fifteen minutes each edition newspapers to see what is worth collecting famous and news and current affairs. And my wife would be sitting next to me eating her cornflakes, overlooking the scenery outside the window, or to speak with the children, or ask me some questions, no matter what I do not Airi Airi.

Suddenly one day, I noticed the fact that I said to his wife:. “Honey, listen,” I have to listen to my wife read the third edition focused headlines, all the news on the same page

– Russian car bomb, died twenty-one

~ Man killed flames

~ Smuggling ringleader arrested

~ Plane crash twenty people died on the island

– Police captured six brothels pedophiles

~ Bus crash dead woods Fourteen

~ Revenge eager assault causing

I just finished reading the newspaper folded up shop underneath my home cages. Think about it, I read the newspaper every day this habit really made a lot of mental stress. I can not deny that we really are living in a world full of tragic events, but the mind can not help but float a few questions:

– The news in the end bring me? Daihatsu is compassion, that I am more charity, pray for the victims of it? Or just more emotionally numb it?

~ Ancient humans do not read the newspaper when they lose in the end what is it?

~ Every day hear and smell bad news is, in the end bring modern any good?

– The newspaper it is really big news? Or editors write usurp they think can attract readers to buy event reported it?

On this day, I made a decision. I do not get up after reading the newspaper. I will still read a newspaper, but it will come later read, do not read newspapers or even care about twelve days. In fact, even though I did not see the newspaper a few weeks, you may lose a little no, I do not know what is happening in the world, live more peace of mind. Furthermore, I learned some interesting looking title to read, many times you will find some pun very entertaining:

  • Dentist receive plague

Dentists have tartar (intent: dentists get medals)

  • Cemetery allows people to be buried by their pets.

Dog owners can now be buried pets. (Intent: to allow the owner of the dog cemetery is now buried together with their pets.)

  • Local high school drop outs cut in half.

Dropped out of high school was cut in half. (Intent: Local high school dropout digit halved)

  • Father of 9 fined 100 for failing to stop

The father of nine children and was fined for not stopping birth. (Intent: the father of nine children because they do not comply with the parking rules and fined)

  • Kids make nutritious snacks

A group of children is manufactured nutrition. (Intent: general child nutritious snacks manufacturing co.)

  • Hospital sued by 7 foot doctors

7-foot hospital was Dr. Gao Di litigation. (Intent: the hospital was seven podiatrist litigation.)

  • Obesity study looks for larger test group

Authorities seek to do more research articles hypertrophy obesity. (Intent: to expand the combinatorial testing authorities to do research of obesity.)

When I was young, my mother used to say to me: “Son, you read what the book will become the kind of person so do not look fierce cartoon characters of the book, otherwise you will become a cartoon character..”

I’m not entirely believe this, but I am indeed began to change my reading habits this morning. Every day I am thankful for the things belong to count. For example, I can start the day with open eyes; and I have often come close to a dog. I began to understand the scope of roughly around the world can make my attention from the circle, but really influential but limited to only a few of several people. So I would rather spend more time with these people to live together, give love and positive influence more points.

Jesus, most know this. Gospel of Mark chapter thirty-five said:. “The next morning, it was still dark, Jesus got up, into a desert place, and there prayed” Jesus’ disciples looking around, surprised that he went there, up to find him, said to him: “People are looking for you.” Although I am not a Greek scholar, I can imagine that Peter must find that Jesus is the Christ is complaining handle organ. He said impatiently: “You know, everyone is looking for you, there is a fundraising Nazareth invited you to preach, you can have a lot of things to do, go to the hospital, going to stir up the crowd, big? There can be. You may have heard me on the phone in your message? ”

He only smiled in front of his disciples, he hopes that one day they will understand the pressure faced by public figures. He wanted his disciples to learn one day, the best thing is to quietly knees began to pray.

In my life I have experienced some of the things I was upset, but I have never regretted the time spent on reading the Bible, and now I opened the first book of the Bible is to read every day. There is a morning, I read thousands of years ago a man named King David wrote the Psalms: ” Make me hear thy lovingkindness in the morning of the words, because I rely on you; ask you to make me know when the line of the road, look up to you because my heart. “(Psalm 143: 8)

Meter a day is the morning, in the morning is a holy time, a new day to God and let him speak to you, you can be found precious good news.

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